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Monthly Archives: February 2006

this tent looks pretty good. it is enough for us for now… and for $50 is a great price to see if we like it!

here is another. i don’t think it would serve us as well later as a screen eat in tent… like the other one. but it is bigger for now. it doesn’t look like it would fit two mattresses in well either!

one more….


this is a two man sleeping bag.

we can go MORE expensive later after we have an idea of if we LIKE to camp out! :O)

Cabela’s Backwoods Three-Room Cabin



Cabela’s Self-Inflating Air Bed – Per 2

Item: IG 514666


cabela’s Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads


$29.99 x 4

adam and eve


8 A wise heart takes orders; an empty head will come unglued.


what the good people desire, they get

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still the HSAP debate.

What would you have me to do Father?

I want to step inĀ  your will. I like the people. I enjoy the company. I like the set up. It is comfortable. It is nice to talk to others with ideas of raising children in a Godly manner.

The group in O is NOT for me. So where would I go from there? P? NAH!

I guess I need another light here. if this is not the way for me. I sure don’t wanna be ignorant in it!

Everything can’t be about being a purist can it? I mean we want the government to give us grants etc for business starting what is the difference. except that the HSLDA won’t support us. I guess we could just opt out and sign up with the HSLDA if something ever happened that we needed them.

But why LIVE in fear constantly. It isn’t the same as being wise.

O God show me what to do!