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Monthly Archives: April 2006

I am aware of what I do!


my house is getting where I want it to be.

there have been about 3 break throughs to get me where i am. and i am sure i have more to come~ PRAISE THE LORD!

My first was… My Life Mission by Jim B Richards.

He recommends that you write OUT what things in your life to change in the next year. like your goals.

There was a group of graduates from college who did this. they were the only few in the class. and they made the most money of all the other kids in that graduating class.

He suggests that when you write down what you want to see in your life it does something to your mind, you never even have to read it again. 

here is mine
life mission

my purpose

child of God

to value myself as a Child of God!!!

be true to God (to follow God in everything!)
to allow GOD TO BE VISABLE in me!

(the fruit of this would be my children saved. and others to know God)

to wake up energized every morning with a smile on my face no matter how much sleep i got!

opposite of perfect is NOT failure. it is …. PEACE WHERE I AM!




servent’s heart

to cherish

to respect

to value

strong soft heart




to always remember!



live in the moment

love housekeeping as PART OF my purpose

love cooking and baking as a PART OF my purpose

enjoy my children

strong soft heart

full of passion

full of COMpassion




to listen and hear

to always remember

to respect

to love



the the next day after I did this,  I heard on the radio about this story…about this guy who felt like going to church as a child was a waste of time because he couldn’t remember anything about it… that he didn’t learn anything. some man called in and told him… my wife has cooked me millions of meals. i can’t remember what they were. but they were WHAT I NEEDED at the time without those meals I wouldn’t be HERE!

this taught me that I HAVE A PURPOSE!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS HUGE! I was convinced (no matter how silly it is. that what i was doing was pointless!) even though i knew in my mind it wasn’t … MY HEART believed something other than my mind.

#2 was a faith builder message.

Your Love garment
    And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness. Colossians 3:!4
    And above all these [put on] love and enfold yourselves with the bond of perfectness [which binds everything together complete-ly in ideal harmony]. -Amp
    And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all purpose garment. Never be without it. -message
    And over all the rest put on the robe of love which binds together and  completes the whole. -Con.
    And above all you must be loving for love is the link of the perfect life. -Mof
    …which binds everything together in perfect harmony. -RSV
    …for love is the golden chain of all the virtues. -Phi
Confession: Love binds me together in complete harmony with others. I’m never without love. I love people wherever I go.

ok the bolded translation… totally SLAMMED my belief of PERFECTIONISM! it was a huge break through. a perfect house isn’t a clean house! a perfect house is a result of LOVE!!!!!!!

#3 was another revelation and there have been many confirming things lately to back it up!

there are two TRUE emotions in the bible … Love and Fear.

If it isn’t love, it is fear.
we we think about this. that means ANY REACTION that isn’t loving is rooted in fear.
so when i bark at my kids… what am i afraid of ( that they will turn out to be failures?!) or that I am a failure!

so has totally been able to help me to GET A HANDLE on communication with my family and others. the fruit of fear is NEVER good.

see none of this is routine. and maybe YOU have different reasons for your reactions to life.  or maybe these are exactly your issues.

#4 (i guess there were 4) the last and final thing is to

you can tell what is written on your heart by what you SAY.
speak truth!

TAKE TIME TODAY to take the best babystep possible…
write down your life mission.
pray over your life mission.
COMMIT HEARING God as he leads you into these new areas in your life.
START on this   today!!! even if you can only think of one thing.
my list was really specific! there are things that I want to be different about my life.

if only there was a way to take a picture!!!
Hope you were blessed!


how to do YOUR own podcast! :)

make sure you download the MP3 converter! 

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scripture verses!

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FOL _1.mp3

today i cleaned off and around my desk! whew. it is so nice to have it cleaned off! i hate how it piles.

i wanted to get to the kitchen today. have alot planned for the afternoon. so we will see, need to go to the AEA! and pick up reading rainbow.

praying that lilli accepts healing today. she has been really fussy for the last couple days.

i am BIGGER than my kids being sick (even if i don’t feel like it)