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Monthly Archives: January 2007

    Thankful is about the things that God is doing. Things to remind me of the GOOD. The blessed. To live a joyful and peaceful life!

My first entry. I thank God for this womb baby. S/He is a joy and excitment in my life. I can’t wait to feel every leap and bound.

Thank God for the little Doak children I have. Ethan is growing up so fast. And I have to keep learning and growing to keep up with his ever growing and changing mindset and just life learning he is doing! :)

Lane is also such a joy to me. My favorite thing is his love of playing!

Attie is such a treat with her love of dress-up and role playing.

Lilli loves being the mama to her babies! :) It is so much fun! Thank you for all the fullness and joy in my life!