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Monthly Archives: March 2008

How do you sum up a day in a few words? Existing isn’t really *enough* anymore… since there is so much MORE to life…. than just existing…. so… .I wonder if I shouldn’t change the name of my blog…. maybe to JOY… shrug… i’ll see

anyway… in our existing today we had company, Noah and Faith came over… Aunt Faith and Uncle Noah that is! ;) to play… that was fun… Faith and Noah are such sweet little people. Simple life… a kids life! :D

Ben’s talking about buying an Apple TV… sometimes I can’t help but think how NICE it would be not to have to keep track off all those INSANE DVD’s or fussing at ppl to PUT THEM BACK… one less thing to nag about… :D so…. I think AWWWWW well… LESS WORK FOR ME! ;) we shall see…. the money *could* be put to better use…

I’ve been ill also… days have turned to weeks. So my kids and I have been doing the bare necessities to just *get by*… and that is starting to BUG me… sooo well that MUST mean that *I* am feeling better… at least better enough to be ANNOYED about things! so I guess that is a good sign. LOL So tomorrow we are starting school back up! I need to say NO TV in the mornings until everything is done.. chores and school… but that would entail ME enforcing that rule! grrr….

ok the whining has to stop! that is all *I* have to say! LOL …. Maybe I’ll post my first picture ever to my blog later! ;)


My lilli she is talking so much these days. This week she has ben SOOO excited to say something she stutters. It’s so cute. Lane used to do it too… So I am not worried about it. I caught her playing castle, one guy was on the tall tower calling for a rescue! SO FUN.. these littles growing up so much!

The other I made onion oil to put on the kids…. Attie has been asking for that oil… you know… that smells like a turkey sandwich! :D