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Monthly Archives: June 2008

I haven’t posted pictures in too many days. Here are a couple I got the other day when Carson came to play!

Isn’t he SOOOO cute!



Ethan saw my blog this morning and wondered, “Mom, how much does it cost to have a website?” I said, “like my blog?” He said, “yes”. I said ” A blog is free, do you want one?” he said “yes!”

so here it is, we shall see how often he comes here and wants to post! :)

I am working on some creative things today, but I won’t share the whole thing cause I want to surprise her a little! (Chelsea!) hehe… but I am so excited to be doing something creative! I love every excuse! 


back to work being creative!

So the pawn shop was closed by the time Ben got there… so the question is, do you call the police? Assume it was stolen? Keep looking? Call the pawn shop in the morning?

I need to do some major cleaning… I guess. Maybe I would find it if I did a major overhaul on the kitchen… seems silly tho, as I set it on the clean counter! sigh……………………………….

We’ll check under the front porch and under the fridge in the mean time. still unlikely places. but will check. tomorrow when the rain stops I’ll check the trash.

I know God knows where my ring is… Ben is at the pawn shop and minutes have gone by, waiting to hear if they have my ring. There was a break in at a house up the street, stolen meds were lost. So maybe just maybe I haven’t lost my mind. I am remembering more and more. 

I wonder no if I left the door open… now I remember I did… I thought it was odd cause I was pretty sure I locked it. The trash can was by the table, ,which is different than I usually clear the table, which means it is even less likely that it is in the trash.


a few more minutes have passed, ben is either chatting or calling the sheriff? Would he have called me first before the police? sigh…… 


straws, paint brushes and MORE! Oh my…. 

look what we found in the p trap. Yes you see 3 straws, a fork handle, knife, 3 paint brushes!!! Oh my word? Who has been jamming things into my drain?!!!!

apparently we have a drain jamming monster cause no one will admit it!ROFLOL… sorry if this grosses you out! :) I think it’s funny!

I took my ring off to wash chicken. i can’t even remember were I set it down. I can’t believe it… it was Sunday night… I have to clean my kitchen counter off completely… please pray I find it! I feel so scatter brained these days. I am not remembering anything. It’s so annoying. I can’t even remember where i set my phone down. I hadn’t been doing that for a long time! :( at least i can call my phone.


I’ve been needing a hair cut for a few weeks now… maybe even a month or two… :P I am so tired of it long. I would love suggestions of a new cut for me. I’d love to butch it short again… but I know I would be sorry when i had to grow it out. :P I hate that part….


I think i wanna go with the natural wave i have instead of trying to fight it, but struggling with how to do that?! My sister in law has an adorable cut right now…

 i’ll find a shot of J…. here she is… hopefully she won’t mind! ;)

this one is straight and the next one is more with her natural wave… I don’t think i want *that* thick of bangs… bangs really freak me out… but i think her hair is way cute… and i could do something a bit softer… i love that chunky look so how could i pull it off… thinking maybe i should try her hair stylist!

You’ve been waiting for these. I just know it! :) Here they are. I am not sure I can hear anything other than they are PERFECT! lol…. but really please share any ideas…. these are pretty final… but i am open to constructive ideas!

remodel-layout! remodel-elevation!

I am flipping out with stress and excitement about this! There is so much to talk about… i hope i get to share more…. the attic may have an additional door to make that back room another bed room… which would be fab! :) those are the only changes that i can think to mention… that aren’t on the plan… the other thing is on each of the floor plans… the first picture is of our current floor plan… :) we are completely gutting the old part… now wondering if we will need to get an apartment… praying about what is best for us with that one…. sigh…. from what it seems there will not be a way to live in the old part anymore… which was our plan… it looks like after they dig the whole… we will be down to two rooms. so i may  have to pack up everything! sigh… we’ll see what the builder says!


all my friends who don’t live in iowa… don’t flip out about how big this is… remember ben does this for a living and the only thing we will hire done in the concrete/framing/roofing… plumbing/electrical inspection and whole house inspection…. and it’s cheaper to live here! come on out! :)  lol

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to get ethan to do more *fun* reading. Without so much nagging and whining. And then I remembered that R uses $ in the back of books to get her older kids to read books they don’t want to read… so I taped cents and dollars in the backs of some choice books and encouraged everyone to *read* them! :) it worked well for lane and attie. 

Ethan is still needing reminded… But he is Growing up so fast and reading so much better each day. He is picking up about 5-10 new words daily! which I think is HUGE!!!

So while I may be broke by the end of the summer. I am pleased with our summer reading program! :)