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Monthly Archives: July 2008



I want to keep my blog a positive place and not a grip zone. Hence not posting for a while! lol It’s not that there wasn’t anything good to say. Just that …. aww well you understand!

So today is going to be a fun day! A DF from online that I’ve known for 6 years is coming thru town. We are putting them up for a night. They are traveling home from family who just had a new baby! It’s so fun that they get to swing by every couple years! They’ve come before. I was thinking they stayed two nights last time. But maybe not.

I procrastinated so the attic isn’t packed like I planned. Can you believe no one in osky has packing boxes in stock?! I didn’t realize that moving boxes run about 4-5$ EACH oh my! Maybe I’ll just get plastic tubs then! brother! So likely I need to really start that after A. and kids leave! Well ok Next week. :) SEE!!!

Ok currently I am using this blog to procrastinate cleaning the kitchen counter. I got up at 6 to do it in peace. so off i goooooooooooooooooo

I’m trying out the new wordpress app on my iPhone. Wow! How nice! I’ve been bad at posting lately. An almost one year old is keeping me busy. That and school. I may start using my blog to track more school now we will see.

I’m working on a webpage for my clients/customers/friends/family. It is a hassle to say the least! and of course and I am limited to my own knowledge of webbing (which is very small obviously :P~ )

anyway…. I’m trying to use my iweb. and paypal add to cart buttons. but there is just no good way to add and sort products! I mean iphoto and iweb work seemlessly together but when i add paypal html buttons then if i need to add something say in the *c*’s then it pushes the photos down but the buttons all stay! humph! 

so trying to get this simpler… than moving 50 buttons everytime i wanna add a new product and not really sure HOW to do that! 

just had to vent! i should’ve even be here… waiting on a DF to email back who’s having health issues… so… that justifies it! lol : ) 

anyway… if anyone has any ideas on how to sort my products so there are less on a page and less moving around when something new has to be added lmk! otherwise you may just have to suffer with non alphabetical supplement shopping! ROFLOL!

Today went well. We got up, no TV, started school on time. We couldn’t find Lilli’s colored pencils? (the brand new ones!) but we made it thru. i was WIPED by lunch time! Guess I’m going to have to eat a bigger breaky tomorrow morning! :) that was a lot of work!

Lane is reading so well. Amazingly he has been very easy to teach reading! whew! He has restored my hope in teaching a child to read! LOL… 

Ethan has been doing well also. I am very pleased! He isn’t as excited to read as Lane, so I think that doesn’t help! But I still have a lot of hope his love for reading will turn around! 

Attie is coloring so well… and Lilli too! She colored a whole sheet of paper purple! LOL :)

I think I will be implementing a new rule. No TV before 1pm. Yes that is after lunch! : ) Also I’m thinking no phone calls in the morning… I know don’t cry! : ) So try to email if you can… or call in the afternoon. I really need to start doing school in the morning! thanks for understanding!

Also Walmart is having great sales. So I think I’m going to give each child a bit of spending money to beef up their school supplies. Maybe some fun pencils? and pencil cases? colored pencils? crayons? rulers? and anything and everything! I think it may help them to be excited about doing school. 

Ethan’s reading is improving very well! I am very excited but also struggle to get it done.

Lane is improving in reading also! It’s really exciting to think they will both be reading easily by fall! whoohooo!

my heart is praying for my new niece and my other possible new nieces or nephews out there tonight! Thank you God for them all! We love them before we knew them! Just like He loves us!


the boot bench

I did finally get my phone up and running yesterday! :D 

So now this morning and last night i was playing will all the fun new apps…

including but not limited to a FULL 88 key piano! and a light saber! lolol 


you can’t wait to see it can you?! : )

I can’t get my phone to work this morning! there was a new itunes update which i ran and then ran the new iphone update and now NOTHING! i am MIFFED! I have never had any issues… and i can’t believe i am getting.. “there are no iphone agents available at this time. goodbye” from APPLE! floored! :( 




update: apparently the itunes authentication system was overloaded… still nothing, zilch, nod-a!