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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Posting here the list of things I still need to get for this next school year

R&S preschool books at least for lilli.. possibly another set for attie

italic handwriting A for Attie and Lane

character italics Level 1 A for Lane and Attie

italic handwriting C for Ethan

Character italics level 2 book a for Ethan


more later


The healing oil worked VERY well! The war (aka slip and slide!) wounds had to be treated for two days. with Apis, healing oil and renew. The sunburn is mostly gone with no pain. It’s amazing really! a painless sunburn?! I didn’t know it was possible!

I knew this statement was true. however 80% of the time I am thinking about myself. How to make it thru the next trial. The next DRAMA! lol the next Gena catastophy!


today the kids went slip and sliding… at church they set up a huge plastic sheet with some soap and off they went!

so tonight… lane is COVERED in war wounds … poor kid was crying before bed… called D… use apis was her suggestion! of course perfect sense but when my poor baby is crying so pitifully do you think *I* can think of what to do!? NOPE! lol

poor guy! off to do another dose and pray for all the orphans! :)

Well this is to prove that attie is at least partly from perfect country. I taught her how to make a chart today! lol she loves it of COURSE! and has been doing everything on it… to try and FILL IT UP with stars! cute girlies! she hasn’t shown lilli yet so lilli may have a chart here soon! Ethan wanted to make one for a minute… but didn’t! lol

Ethan loves to listen to adventures in odessey or jonathan park or chronicles of narnia! Or any story on CD for that matter… even story of the world! And this is just one example of the things he does…. do you see the neon super balls? He could make his own I spy game!

We don’t really have any. I’m not really sure why?! We have FIVE dolly strollers! lol … but no pull toys.

Gena came into the computer room a minute ago, apparently since we don’t own any pull toys she had to get creative!

Toilet paper. Maybe three squares on the roll. Last dash trip to Walmart. LOL

Here are some pictures of her all grown up! (the light blue word is a link to the pictures BTW not sure why only the slight color change, :P maybe I’ll have to redo my blog again! lolol) 

she says all kinds of words!

picture is one she says ALL THE TIME… if she loves it! she calls it picture! including pictures! :) what a love! she melts my heart!