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Monthly Archives: September 2008


I’ve been thinking of all the things I want the kids to know… whew.. :D It’s alot! lol

But two things for sure… we are going to practice calendars. I’m not really sure how to introduce them. Seems like a heavy topic! lol… that may be hard to explain. I’m going to shoot for it! 

Also I want to do a bible curriculum I think. I’ve been struggling with how to tell stories out of the old test… and still keep it into context. There was a bible cir. I looked at about 4 years old that I found again! I’m going for it! They use a timeline everyday so that is how they keep it into context. I think this is very important! I think the old testament is important in context! :)
ok maybe there were three things. i want my kids to learn to sign. I love the signing time DVD’s and Think I’m going to order the whole set. Everything they sell. Either for Christmas or just as a cir. I’m going to email homeschool buying club today to see if they will contact the makers and offer it as a co-op… 

i’ll post pictures of some beautiful flowers my husband bought me on saturday! they are LOV-E-LY!

I’m going to do better at blogging daily! My little sister is going on an adventure! I’ve always known she would adopt! and THIS IS THE TIME! and we are so excited! I was dreaming about the *see ya later* hugs as my other little sis would call them! I can’t wait to see who they bring home! How God works out this plan for the GOOD! So to keep little sis updated I’ll be posting here what I would call and tell her! LOL sorry for all you who may have to hear it twice! ;) 

to go with you!

Phillipians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ,[c] who gives me strength.

Romnas 8: 28-30 . 28 And we know that God causes everything to work together[m] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.29 For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. 30 And having chosen them, he called them to come to him. And having called them, he gave them right standing with himself. And having given them right standing, he gave them his glory.

From a book that is *too old*!  for his reading level. I did help him with a few words! It’s all good! I am so excited that he is showing some motivation to read on his own! *fun* books….. I’m so so so so so tickled! 


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Check her out riding a two wheeler!

Sage Patrick Lane… he is all about syllables right now… 

so here is the order

Ben 7

Heather 5

Ethan 8

Lane 6

Attie 8

Lilli 7

Gena 6


see that two of each number but 5 hummm… that’s CRAZY! isn’t it? I mean I don’t think I could’ve done that on purpose! It reminds me of those emails you get about God and math! the middle of the bible and such! Bizarre! 

Lane is doing well in math… he is almost done with primer! and then we start all over really mastering thos beginning skills! i am very excited with how well he has FINALLY picked up skip counting… learning to tell time now! ok gtg

I wonder how many posts I’ve titled Lilli Girl… she is a hoot and has grown QUITE A BIT in the last short while… almost as tall as Attie… Lilli is quite the stinker.. I’m not even sure what to write about…. drawing a blank! 

She has been practicing her words… I see some improvement. May not be dramatic but I know she is TRYING to say more consonant sounds! Encouraging to me! I don’t think she is behind compared to my other children. But if she can talk more clearly with a bit of effort and she enjoys it! then why not?!

She LOVES her new rod and staff preschool set! She wants to do it in HER order tho. But I want this to be practice for staying on task and doing things for a reason and in order. I can so see her bucking the system completely so… want to rein that in slightly! not completely! ;)

Her coloring has improved greatly also! I’m sure it helps that Grandma Pam colors with her and does art too! She loves cards and creations and dolls….

Trying to post about everyone tonight, since I am so behind on posting. He is getting so grown up! So smart and so helpful! He is defiantly a TEAM PLAYER! Or *the next adult* so he calls himself! hehe!

This week he asked me again how old I was when I started babysitting. i said 8… he is 8 so I am sure what his mind is reeling…. so he asked me why HE doesn’t get to babysit… and I stumbled a bit… and finally said… we’ll cause your mom doesn’t live across the street! lol see the boys i used to babysit lived across the street so if i needed anything i called my mom! :~) 

I’ve been paying him to *babysit* Gena in the yard… he does very well! for sure growing into the *next adult* in the family! :D

So Attie picked out some books from our Homeschool Library. One of them being Strawberry girl. We read the first chapter… the wording is very old, so it seemed a challenge for her to really understand it… but we pressed on… The next day I got out the book again and was reading. All of a sudden she loudly says…. MAMA…. DOES ANYONE get dead in this story? 

I gave her a blank look. I mean what do you tell an almost five your old?! She wanted someone to die?! in a story? My princess? Still I am bug eyed! lol

Must be those older brothers! sigh…. good thing she is all girl or… who knows!? lol