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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Ive been praying about how to vote…. I really REALLY wish Ron Paul would’ve made it into the finals. I’ve been praying about where my vote will slap Obama in the face… and I truly feel it is not to vote for Paul… Part of me is really bummed. I want to make a difference. But I hate to write him in knowing that it’s very very unlikely that he will win this election anyway! I pray he tries again in 4 years! so today this came to my inbox…. from a friend of a friend… so I don’t want McCain to be one vote short… and me vote for Paul… ykwim?! what if he’s ONE VOTE SHORT? sigh… that’s what I keep thinking…… I’m still praying and I’m sure He will lead me! 



Last night I was driving home from the store and sighed with heartache
over the many signs promoting Obama for President. Seems like those
signs just keep getting bigger and more flamboyant every day. A little
part of me inside resigned… resigned to the “fact” that Obama is
to win this election and the world as we know it going to change(Oh
we’ll get our “change.”) and millions of little babies are going to
the price.

As I read through blogs this morning I got the impression there are
people than me trembling at the thought that Obama has a huge
and is going to win the election with flying colors. He’s so popular,
and his support base is so big… And those signs, those signs are

Well, what do you know, God encouraged me through a talking,
battery-operated doll that Glory pulled out of the toybox this
It was a David Doll that tells his own story and then quotes a couple
verses. The verse came out first, and then the story as I listened on
from the next room:

“David said to the Philistine: You come against me with sword, and
spear, and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord
Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” 1
Samuel 17:45

I am David. I was chosen by God to become a great king…I didn’t wear
a crown, but I was filled with the Spirit of God and knew that the
Spirit would be with me always. Like that time I discovered I was a
great warrior. There was a war and my brothers were fighting for our
people. I was taking food to them when I saw a giant named Goliath
teasing and threatening my brothers and their army. He was HUGE; he
taller than any man I’d ever seen, and his arms and legs were solid
muscle. He was yelling for someone, anyone, to step forward to fight
him, and then he would leave the army alone. I took out my sling. I
knew God would protect me. I put a stone in my sling and threw it
toward Goliath. The stone hit that big giant right between the eyes
he fell to the ground… I trusted in God and tried to serve Him

That doll spoke volumes to me.

First, we may not wear the crowns of men, but we are still filled with
the Spirit of God.

Second, maybe we need to rediscover that we are great warriors in the
Kingdom of God.

Third, we can still join with our brothers and fight for our people-
prayer, fasting, and by voting.

Fourth, Obama is just a man. Could he be used by the Enemy? Possible.
So don’t forget, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but
________. Now you finish the verse from memory. You know it. Say it
out loud. Let the Word encourage you!

Fifth, teasing and threatening? Baaaah!

Sixth, it only took David, with God’s help, ONE stone to take down
Goliath. So don’t fall for the lie that your ONE vote isn’t going to
make a difference. Indeed, it will.

Seventh, trust in God and try to serve Him faithfully.

Feel free to pass this email along.

-Angela S
Why YES, as a matter of fact I am a one-issue voter!


I got tagged… :P

1) I learned of natural medicine from my mom…

2) My little sister introduced to the woman who introduced me to a different way of thinking and and a deeper understanding of natural medicine.

3) My mom introduced me to the woman who introduced me to Unassisted Childbirth. 

4) I’m a virgin birther. (a made up phrase in the UC community for having all of your children unassisted.)

5) I want a tidy home but really struggle with how to keep it that way. At least all the while keeping everyone happy. lol…. 

6) I love to encourage people to rock their world! Choose something new! Do something new! Work on your marriage, give your husband a hug! Try the Love Dare! Read The marriage bed!

7) I love to sit in the evening next to my hubby and relax …. in my almost nothing box. (yes I can have one too! :P or at least pretend too…. at least not think about the kids or chores or……) is it 8 o’clock yet? :)

It seems like this *issue* has been coming up more and more. People are researching it and wanting answers and so am I.. Why do some people naturally have flat stomachs or small hips? Are we predisposed? I’d like to use muscle testing and see what different people need to treat this. Creating a study seemed like the best idea. I personally struggle with the stomach area. However, I want to work with varying body types. I do wonder if all the blocks are the same or….. if people with stomach weight all have the same issues…etc… and then people with all over weight have dif issues…. interesting… just some data I’ll be collecting.  

Here is a link to the study I am starting. Please enter soon. I’d like to start ASAP. I will be logging the information that I find for future reference. I’m really excited about this and plan to do more studies of this nature… with different health aspects!

I got my camera out (even tho it has a dead battery that won’t recharge) and took a few pictures. That’s all I can take right now! :( Just a few at a time. Anyway… here is Gena… pose….

then coming to see her adorable pose….


she saw her picture…. and that wasn’t enough so wants to have my camera! she is obsessed with it! she likes to carry it around everywhere! it’s so funny! :D



hehehe…. :D

Ben and I are wanting to put some lighting up along our path…. and drive way…  with some lamp post style. It’s so hard to choose because I love more clean lines… the steel and black…. but i love the warm tons of rusted copper. too…. I think we decided on these… they are clean lines… but still have the warm tones that seem to match our warm rustic stone garage…. any thoughts??? these would be one by the new house porch steps… one by where the lilac bush is now (we’ll plant new ones) and one by the garage (iirc)

Vanira Place ENERGY STAR® 15 3/4" H Outdoor Post Light






This next one is a smaller post for along the sidewalk/path… and along the drive way… any thoughts? do you like? do you think these are nice with our yard? landscape? color tones?


Olde Copper Essence Low Voltage Path Light

I promised pictures! Hopefully today I will have time! life has been crazy! nap time has been off… sigh… no time to be here posting and typing and sharing! I miss it!

I’ve been wanting to do memory verses as part of our school for a long time! I’ve wanted to have some kind of system down before starting… or at least a starting POINT! lol…I had a few ideas!!! but my favorite has been a combo of those ideas… here are those ideas…

the other idea was just to write 10 references on a card and work on memorizing them until they know them… then put a sicker by the reference. 

Since we love ATC cards… I’m thinking it would be fun to do something like an ATC book… I like the box idea above tho… to review all the verses… so owe may just start with boxes…. and then add our atc’s to a book after we fill a box? then I could keep everyone’s verse cards in one box which would be easier for me now… 

so the idea is to print or write on these 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 cards… the verses I’m starting with are from the love dare book. I choose them because they are so important for our life. to LOVE… so once the kids have memorized them I’ll let them put a sticker on the back… and each time we review if they remembered it they can add another sticker. 

The Theme right now is Love is patient. We may have to add an additional verse! We all struggle with this! we get annoyed at each other very easily! 

1 Thessalonians 5:15 See then no one pays back evil for evil, but always try to do good to each other and to all people.

Trying not to be too bummed. The first 3 loads were nearly quiet! well about the same noise level as my old top loader. It must just be the second floor…. :( after the 5th load it’s shaking the windows. sigh…. I’m not sure what to think. Since it was fine for the first 3-4… why would the 5th load be louder. I was doing it on max spin to SEE what it could handle. So now on this last load for the evening I have it on medium …. and I’ll just do an extra spin. It gets out a TON of water… so I could do it on a low/med spin and  just dry them a bit longer…

I’m just wondering… in the *new* house if this will be an issue. I hate to keep it thinking it won’t be a problem later… and then it be a problem! yk?! sigh….

maybe it just got out of level… but after every 3 loads I’ll have to check that?! grrr….. sigh… whine….


Ben didn’t think he could make these for this price! oh my! :D I think i want each of them to have one… thanks to MOM for showing me a newspaper article about kids loving to read… and them each having their own bookshelf….

what do you think mom? I *could* change the fabric out… to make them more personal?

I have tons of pictures. I’ll post them soon…. maybe tonight I will have time on the computer! sisters are always looking for more pictures… so be aware! lol…. oh tonight is bible study…. so… i prolly won’t be on…


dying for pictures from my sis across the world…. but likely not tomorrow! I’ll try not to be too sad!