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I got tagged… :P

1) I learned of natural medicine from my mom…

2) My little sister introduced to the woman who introduced me to a different way of thinking and and a deeper understanding of natural medicine.

3) My mom introduced me to the woman who introduced me to Unassisted Childbirth. 

4) I’m a virgin birther. (a made up phrase in the UC community for having all of your children unassisted.)

5) I want a tidy home but really struggle with how to keep it that way. At least all the while keeping everyone happy. lol…. 

6) I love to encourage people to rock their world! Choose something new! Do something new! Work on your marriage, give your husband a hug! Try the Love Dare! Read The marriage bed!

7) I love to sit in the evening next to my hubby and relax …. in my almost nothing box. (yes I can have one too! :P or at least pretend too…. at least not think about the kids or chores or……) is it 8 o’clock yet? :)


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