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It seems like this *issue* has been coming up more and more. People are researching it and wanting answers and so am I.. Why do some people naturally have flat stomachs or small hips? Are we predisposed? I’d like to use muscle testing and see what different people need to treat this. Creating a study seemed like the best idea. I personally struggle with the stomach area. However, I want to work with varying body types. I do wonder if all the blocks are the same or….. if people with stomach weight all have the same issues…etc… and then people with all over weight have dif issues…. interesting… just some data I’ll be collecting.  

Here is a link to the study I am starting. Please enter soon. I’d like to start ASAP. I will be logging the information that I find for future reference. I’m really excited about this and plan to do more studies of this nature… with different health aspects!


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