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Monthly Archives: December 2008

the builder is coming to our house! :) who knew i would be so excited! isn’t this the perfect beginning of the year present! :DDDDDD YES!!!!!!!!!


Because we have so many christmas parties we like to do our personal one on a random day … before… so they have time to enjoy the toys they get… they used to cry and complain because they wanted to play with their new stuff and we were traipsing all over …. instead of playing! anyway… we did it saturday night… here are a few of my favorite shots….

it must be the day to wish everything took care of itself! lol…. can’t the tree decorate itself? I was almost in tears last night thinking we are a WEEK away from our first christmas party and still don’t have all my trees decorated… my sweet husband took the blame! ROFLOL… since he HAS been gone two weekends in a row! ha! what a goon! anyway…. going to get the ornaments right NOW! :) have a good day!

does anyone else wish their camera just automatically downloaded it’s pictures to your computer!?  mememememe!!!!!! then I could post a new picture more often if i didn’t always have to get my camera OUT! :P~

Something I ordered for Ben came in a HUGE box… the kids have loved playing with it…. here are a few pictures of Gena playing in it… only for like 3 minutes tho! lol as you can tell!

Just a few of my favorites! i love each of these… lol… snap shots from Lydia’s birthday party…. I have so many pictures how can I choose….????

Kyliepeekaboo... D

it is here…. sorry I haven’t gotten to post pictures. I will try today!

Christmas is big this year! lots of new changes for 2009  which we are very happy and excited for! :D I’ve been wanting a new camera for a while…. Mine is 5 years old and as you can tell takes good pictures still… it’s slow… so that makes to hard when I miss all those fast paced shots beggin to be caught on camera… baby;s first smile… step… iloveu sign… :) 

it’s time for an upgrade… and christmas is the season… :D 

It should be here tomorrow… I begged and begged and the kids said (ok well not really but.. lol) that I could open the camera before Christmas… lol… I just want to get a few fun shots for the yearly christmas photo book….. :) PLEASE….. hehe…. so we stand at the door… shades open… watching … intently… for the ups man… the fedex guy… and the mail man! lol what’s school? this is a great learning experience… we should make a chart of what time they come each day! ROFLOL!

please oh please bring more christmas presents to wrap! hehehe






I decided to use the decorations from my childhood on the living room christmas tree… It was all good til Gena woke up and broke my snow globe! :( Maybe I can superglue it… Will it hold water after it’s glued??

anyway… here is my first tree (of the year! lol  I have four more to decorate! oh MY!) … we’ll add some ornaments … maybe my kids’ *first christmas ornaments….* idk… :)