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  1. they look so gorgeous! if only… :) i love them both!!! you know i’m into dark so i am leaning towards the dark one! missed you today!

  2. oh my, I can’t even imagine anything looking this neat for long! Course you know how I tend to “jam” everything behind doors! lol and then there are the extras that don’t look “cool” anywhere. I wish I had pictures of the pantry my dad built in the basement of the house he built that I grew up in….we LOVED going down there and looking in all the cupboards! Maybe I do have a picture or two, I’ll have to look! They were really deep, deeper than my arm would reach in when I was a kid…it was kind of a game to see what we’d pull out when we reached in! no can lights back then! lol

  3. oh yea those are nice, I like it!!

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