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I noticed a wiggle feeling in my tummy this morning… Just now I was putting Gena down for a nap. I laid on my tummy for a minute and felt kicks! Funny how you just feel them one day! :) Now feeling lots of them!



  1. awww you are making me miss being pregnant even more now!! I cant wait to see this baby!

  2. oh my, that is a reality check, check, check!!! lol But so exciting…hmmm…what color hair this time…hehe

  3. well it’s a summer baby…. my summer babies are blond! :) winter babies are red… at least so FAR!

    so my guess is Blond Boy… :P~ but when have *I* ever been right… but believe it or not… other people agree with me this time! ha!

  4. ahhhhhhh how sweet!!!

  5. Blonde curly hair with blue eyes… This boy will make me melt if he is Carson’s mini-me..

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