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So I hear gratitude is about the only way to move on from a stuck place… That’s the advice I give others, so today I will take all my wondering thoughts captive and remember what I DO HAVE! :)

1.a home

2. a comfy bed

3. husband

4. ethan

5. lane

6. attie

7. lilli

8. gena

9. wiggly babe in womb


11. new huge pool

12. SUN

13. library

14. reading

15. creativity

16. smiles

17. laughter

18. family

19. photography

20. learning

21. Clover Park



I’ll start reading again….  I’m downloading the kindle app for my iphone… and buying this book…

I feel like a kid in a candy store aww to be able to read ANYWHERE! :)) 

I am forming a list in my mind of all the other books I want to start reading… :)

Have a new kid by Friday… 

maybe even a *fun book* 

any suggestions?! Think I could read three books at once with my 3×5 phone! :)

it must be the day to wish everything took care of itself! lol…. can’t the tree decorate itself? I was almost in tears last night thinking we are a WEEK away from our first christmas party and still don’t have all my trees decorated… my sweet husband took the blame! ROFLOL… since he HAS been gone two weekends in a row! ha! what a goon! anyway…. going to get the ornaments right NOW! :) have a good day!

does anyone else wish their camera just automatically downloaded it’s pictures to your computer!?  mememememe!!!!!! then I could post a new picture more often if i didn’t always have to get my camera OUT! :P~

it is here…. sorry I haven’t gotten to post pictures. I will try today!

Toilet paper. Maybe three squares on the roll. Last dash trip to Walmart. LOL

I’m trying out the new wordpress app on my iPhone. Wow! How nice! I’ve been bad at posting lately. An almost one year old is keeping me busy. That and school. I may start using my blog to track more school now we will see.

I’m alone, well sort of, kids are all tucked into their beds, husband is off with his dad, brother, sister to a late movie, and I’m sitting here thinking… wondering… so many things, more than I  can put into words, or type fast enough. So many things to write… 

On one of my favorite blogs to read she was talking about motherhood and praying that God would illuminate thru her like fireworks! To focus on Him, and to do everything in love. 

I wonder, why does it seem so hard to respond in love? Why is it a choice? Why can it not be an automatic thing? Am I the only one who struggles with this? It is easier now than it ever has been. But I still forget. 

I want to illuminate love to my family.  Desperately! More than anything else in this world. It seems so simple to respond with love. Why not? 

on a lighter note… :) since I’m a woman and this title is wondering, why not here all i’m wondering! :)

so I was thinking about a custom blog. I know I know, money?! house?! maybe someday… so today I’ll dream. What would I want my blog to have? what colors? I struggle with the *right* background. Nothing ever suits me for long. it’s just short the ME factor! so…. for those who wonder about a more personal blog….  there you go! :) have fun shopping.

Ben’s back! : )

Catch you’ll later!

Oh I get bored with the blog themes… :( I want to redo mine but can’t decide which color. I need a new header shot and maybe that would help! In the mean time. which do you think suits me better? Black or white?


I take it back… I’d rather just have a head cold… now having kidney pain too! :( whine

gma is coming over to help… thank goodness….