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Category Archives: Christmas

My mom sent me this blog link and I love her tree…. so trying my best to copy with my own flare… and on a budget… I remembered the dollar store had some ornaments that would look awesome with the design i had in my head… here are a few things that I found…. i have more but didn’t take pictures of them all!


Because we have so many christmas parties we like to do our personal one on a random day … before… so they have time to enjoy the toys they get… they used to cry and complain because they wanted to play with their new stuff and we were traipsing all over …. instead of playing! anyway… we did it saturday night… here are a few of my favorite shots….

it must be the day to wish everything took care of itself! lol…. can’t the tree decorate itself? I was almost in tears last night thinking we are a WEEK away from our first christmas party and still don’t have all my trees decorated… my sweet husband took the blame! ROFLOL… since he HAS been gone two weekends in a row! ha! what a goon! anyway…. going to get the ornaments right NOW! :) have a good day!

Music Machine CD’s!

I loved them as a child! and I think lilli and attie would love them too!