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Gena just said APPLE! :D i love it! hehe made my  pretty rotten day… an AWESOME day!


Something I ordered for Ben came in a HUGE box… the kids have loved playing with it…. here are a few pictures of Gena playing in it… only for like 3 minutes tho! lol as you can tell!

I got my camera out (even tho it has a dead battery that won’t recharge) and took a few pictures. That’s all I can take right now! :( Just a few at a time. Anyway… here is Gena… pose….

then coming to see her adorable pose….


she saw her picture…. and that wasn’t enough so wants to have my camera! she is obsessed with it! she likes to carry it around everywhere! it’s so funny! :D



hehehe…. :D

I never imagined in a million years that I would be cleaning my baby’s hand off with mineral  spirits! yes you heard me! Genevieve’s DH (some other small toddler boy in the world)…. I pray that your mother teaches you how to deal with her patiently and kindly! I will do my best to tame this wild curious heart!!! LOLOL!

So ben is working on the house… used spray insulation around our window in my bedroom… for whatever reason this one crazy can has expanded like 10 times what it was supposed to. I had NO IDEA how sticky that stuff was… so I didn’t know I needed to keep her away from it! my experience was just that it was foam… I’ve never seen it in it’s wet phase!

It is STILL expanding like 2 hours later! OH MY!!!! so we are in my room looking for the skeleton key for all the doors ben just got done painting…  sweet baby Gena decided to grab that overflowing mess  of spray foam insulation! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

So Ben GRABS her and is trying to figure out what to do… I’m all, just wash her off! and he looks at me! she has a big glob on her hand and tells me that doesn’t work! I’m all WHAT? why not?! so I try and wash her off with orange cleaner… doesn’t touch it… it’s like the globbiest super glue you ever saw! so I try miracle 2 cleaner… which at least sets it so I could pick it off… her fingers were at least not sticking together! she was screaming all the while! she acted like it was burning her but it doesn’t seem to have;… I ended up with a whole bunch on my hand… all the while I am saying to ben… YOU ARE NOT washing MY BABY’s hand with mineral spirits! after 30 minutes of scrubbing i just can’t get it… he comes in after i told him to get it… i was sick of the screaming! she wouldn’t calm down about it! oh the drama!!!!

so he worked on her…. finally most of it is off… i’ll take pictures of what we didn’t get off… we gave up! i’ll just pick it I guess…. crazy Gena…………………..

Isn’t that awful???????? Do I win the bad mom award yet?

We don’t really have any. I’m not really sure why?! We have FIVE dolly strollers! lol … but no pull toys.

Gena came into the computer room a minute ago, apparently since we don’t own any pull toys she had to get creative!

Here are some pictures of her all grown up! (the light blue word is a link to the pictures BTW not sure why only the slight color change, :P maybe I’ll have to redo my blog again! lolol) 

she says all kinds of words!

picture is one she says ALL THE TIME… if she loves it! she calls it picture! including pictures! :) what a love! she melts my heart!

Gena says tickle tickle!

Yesterday Gena turned one…. sigh! She is so smart

says picture and walks everywhere! plays get ya! hide and go seek! I’ll see if I can get it on video! She also says hereyago lol it’s so cute! 

when did my tiny baby grow up!?