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Category Archives: healing

So I hear gratitude is about the only way to move on from a stuck place… That’s the advice I give others, so today I will take all my wondering thoughts captive and remember what I DO HAVE! :)

1.a home

2. a comfy bed

3. husband

4. ethan

5. lane

6. attie

7. lilli

8. gena

9. wiggly babe in womb


11. new huge pool

12. SUN

13. library

14. reading

15. creativity

16. smiles

17. laughter

18. family

19. photography

20. learning

21. Clover Park



what is accepting that I am healed. or that LilliĀ  is healed?

i know that she can be healed. that it is possible for HER to be healed. That it is even HERS. and yet. it is still about trusting God. I have not trusted God in the past. But today I know that God is GOOD and I can trust him!