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Just a few of my favorites! i love each of these… lol… snap shots from Lydia’s birthday party…. I have so many pictures how can I choose….????

Kyliepeekaboo... D


It seems like this *issue* has been coming up more and more. People are researching it and wanting answers and so am I.. Why do some people naturally have flat stomachs or small hips? Are we predisposed? I’d like to use muscle testing and see what different people need to treat this. Creating a study seemed like the best idea. I personally struggle with the stomach area. However, I want to work with varying body types. I do wonder if all the blocks are the same or….. if people with stomach weight all have the same issues…etc… and then people with all over weight have dif issues…. interesting… just some data I’ll be collecting.  

Here is a link to the study I am starting. Please enter soon. I’d like to start ASAP. I will be logging the information that I find for future reference. I’m really excited about this and plan to do more studies of this nature… with different health aspects!

I got my camera out (even tho it has a dead battery that won’t recharge) and took a few pictures. That’s all I can take right now! :( Just a few at a time. Anyway… here is Gena… pose….

then coming to see her adorable pose….


she saw her picture…. and that wasn’t enough so wants to have my camera! she is obsessed with it! she likes to carry it around everywhere! it’s so funny! :D



hehehe…. :D

I’ve been wanting to do memory verses as part of our school for a long time! I’ve wanted to have some kind of system down before starting… or at least a starting POINT! lol…I had a few ideas!!! but my favorite has been a combo of those ideas… here are those ideas…

the other idea was just to write 10 references on a card and work on memorizing them until they know them… then put a sicker by the reference. 

Since we love ATC cards… I’m thinking it would be fun to do something like an ATC book… I like the box idea above tho… to review all the verses… so owe may just start with boxes…. and then add our atc’s to a book after we fill a box? then I could keep everyone’s verse cards in one box which would be easier for me now… 

so the idea is to print or write on these 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 cards… the verses I’m starting with are from the love dare book. I choose them because they are so important for our life. to LOVE… so once the kids have memorized them I’ll let them put a sticker on the back… and each time we review if they remembered it they can add another sticker. 

The Theme right now is Love is patient. We may have to add an additional verse! We all struggle with this! we get annoyed at each other very easily! 

1 Thessalonians 5:15 See then no one pays back evil for evil, but always try to do good to each other and to all people.

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wish you had a video attached to your head?! and to your children’s head…. and every head that enters your home?! I totally do! and have many trillions of times!!!!!!!Today I had our reading books on the arm of the couch. I read to Lane… and still have to read to Ethan (Robert Fulton: boy craftsman) and Attie (strawberry girl) so I go in to read to them just now and the books are GONE! I can’t believe it! doh! who moved them? did I move them? where did they go? just GONE?!

I decided to go ahead and do a planner. I set up one month. It is working pretty well. I did cut back on a couple books. And changed my focus a bit. It wasn’t a total bomb yesterday tho I need to clean out everyone’s little box so that I can just pull out the whole stack. My table is NOT big enough, I do know that! only four kids and their stuff fit on it! lol… not enough room for me a Gena… so I stand holding her most of them time which is kind of challenging! to say the least!

We are doing the letter F this week. Making a lapbook out of some worksheets from I’ll post pictures. Lane already remembers that F says /f/ like fish.. but attie not so much… hopefully by the end of next week! lol

today we’ll go to the library maybe… and get some F books… also I need to print some songs for F since they tend to really remember songs! anyway… just a small update! i have tons of picture to post soon… including some of our all about me books which G. Pam helped with that are so adorable! 

Also G Tami made us a vowel tree we will be getting out soon to work on! it’s cute!

Posting here the list of things I still need to get for this next school year

R&S preschool books at least for lilli.. possibly another set for attie

italic handwriting A for Attie and Lane

character italics Level 1 A for Lane and Attie

italic handwriting C for Ethan

Character italics level 2 book a for Ethan


more later

I knew this statement was true. however 80% of the time I am thinking about myself. How to make it thru the next trial. The next DRAMA! lol the next Gena catastophy!


today the kids went slip and sliding… at church they set up a huge plastic sheet with some soap and off they went!

so tonight… lane is COVERED in war wounds … poor kid was crying before bed… called D… use apis was her suggestion! of course perfect sense but when my poor baby is crying so pitifully do you think *I* can think of what to do!? NOPE! lol

poor guy! off to do another dose and pray for all the orphans! :)