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I’ve been wanting to do memory verses as part of our school for a long time! I’ve wanted to have some kind of system down before starting… or at least a starting POINT! lol…I had a few ideas!!! but my favorite has been a combo of those ideas… here are those ideas…

the other idea was just to write 10 references on a card and work on memorizing them until they know them… then put a sicker by the reference. 

Since we love ATC cards… I’m thinking it would be fun to do something like an ATC book… I like the box idea above tho… to review all the verses… so owe may just start with boxes…. and then add our atc’s to a book after we fill a box? then I could keep everyone’s verse cards in one box which would be easier for me now… 

so the idea is to print or write on these 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 cards… the verses I’m starting with are from the love dare book. I choose them because they are so important for our life. to LOVE… so once the kids have memorized them I’ll let them put a sticker on the back… and each time we review if they remembered it they can add another sticker. 

The Theme right now is Love is patient. We may have to add an additional verse! We all struggle with this! we get annoyed at each other very easily! 

1 Thessalonians 5:15 See then no one pays back evil for evil, but always try to do good to each other and to all people.


I wonder how many posts I’ve titled Lilli Girl… she is a hoot and has grown QUITE A BIT in the last short while… almost as tall as Attie… Lilli is quite the stinker.. I’m not even sure what to write about…. drawing a blank! 

She has been practicing her words… I see some improvement. May not be dramatic but I know she is TRYING to say more consonant sounds! Encouraging to me! I don’t think she is behind compared to my other children. But if she can talk more clearly with a bit of effort and she enjoys it! then why not?!

She LOVES her new rod and staff preschool set! She wants to do it in HER order tho. But I want this to be practice for staying on task and doing things for a reason and in order. I can so see her bucking the system completely so… want to rein that in slightly! not completely! ;)

Her coloring has improved greatly also! I’m sure it helps that Grandma Pam colors with her and does art too! She loves cards and creations and dolls….

Music Machine CD’s!

I loved them as a child! and I think lilli and attie would love them too!



wall color

I have lots of there to post… but i think I’ll just share these other three… I don’t have time to type as much as I’d like today! So much to do!

I should’ve cropped it… It was a cool way to take our pictures I thought… it was the DOOR into the creation museum! :)

They have a patch of yellow and purple flower patches outside by all the bridges and I loved taking shots of the girls in their dressy dresses! :)

Ok I have to go to the store today. And I need to get my camera ready. We are doing a photo a day and need to get more shots! :)

When your van breaks down on vacation? Well you make the best of it and take pictures of course! :)

Obviously this was them towing away from our van…. the boys went with the tow truck the girls had to wait for someone to come and get it! It took a LOT of faith and trust that God had us covered to sit and trust and wait for a complete stranger to come and pick us up from that middle of nowhere gas station!

This is the girls and i waiting for our ride… it wasn’t long and the lady from the mechanics was SO NICE! Lilli F.L.I.P.P.E.D. when we got in the car tho. Oh my. I didn’t prepare her enough for riding with someone else! Poor love. She cried for 15 min. :( I couldn’t console her for A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. (thanks Tracy for that capital/period thing! LOL I love it! It’s so DRAMATIC! ;) )

This was our van… all taken apart…. :S

My handsome Ethan in the tree at the mechanics!

My doll Attie in the same tree!

My Girly Lilli in the tree….

and where is Lane you ask?! I can’t remember. Why we don’t have his picture in the tree?! Maybe he was going potty or something and then when he came back we were doing something else?! That happens sometimes! Poor Kid! :)