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by the end of this year I want to laugh more… smile lots and do them both without thinking… :)

that our dream home will be complete without a glitch by the end of the year…


Just a few of my favorites! i love each of these… lol… snap shots from Lydia’s birthday party…. I have so many pictures how can I choose….????

Kyliepeekaboo... D







sorry it’s been SOOOO long since I posted last! I’ve been waiting for something big to post about…. well not really. I just haven’t had much time! I hope this was just the post you were looking for! :D

So I keep thinking we’ve child proofed our home (but they keep getting in)….. cause there is another on it’s way!!!!! Ok ok… we really haven’t child proofed our home! :)  We love children! hence there is another on it’s way! I bet you are asking, what about the house?! Well it seems very fitting since every other time we’ve done a major house reno I’ve been pregnant! So forward we go! It’ll just be another year and another kid to love! And a bigger house just in time! So are you wondering…. when? Around the end of June 2009! 
Congrats all you grandparents and aunts and uncles! Nieces and Nephews! 

I got my camera out (even tho it has a dead battery that won’t recharge) and took a few pictures. That’s all I can take right now! :( Just a few at a time. Anyway… here is Gena… pose….

then coming to see her adorable pose….


she saw her picture…. and that wasn’t enough so wants to have my camera! she is obsessed with it! she likes to carry it around everywhere! it’s so funny! :D



hehehe…. :D

I promised pictures! Hopefully today I will have time! life has been crazy! nap time has been off… sigh… no time to be here posting and typing and sharing! I miss it!

Trying not to be too bummed. The first 3 loads were nearly quiet! well about the same noise level as my old top loader. It must just be the second floor…. :( after the 5th load it’s shaking the windows. sigh…. I’m not sure what to think. Since it was fine for the first 3-4… why would the 5th load be louder. I was doing it on max spin to SEE what it could handle. So now on this last load for the evening I have it on medium …. and I’ll just do an extra spin. It gets out a TON of water… so I could do it on a low/med spin and  just dry them a bit longer…

I’m just wondering… in the *new* house if this will be an issue. I hate to keep it thinking it won’t be a problem later… and then it be a problem! yk?! sigh….

maybe it just got out of level… but after every 3 loads I’ll have to check that?! grrr….. sigh… whine….


Ben didn’t think he could make these for this price! oh my! :D I think i want each of them to have one… thanks to MOM for showing me a newspaper article about kids loving to read… and them each having their own bookshelf….

what do you think mom? I *could* change the fabric out… to make them more personal?

I wonder if my sister made it to the far off place she traveled too late in the afternoon yesterday! I hope she is settling down in a nice modest place to rest their tired heads. So much closer to the children of their dreams. I pray they rest well and are accepted everywhere they go with open arms. i know God has laid out this path! TODAY!  The days we’ve been waiting for! And they have finally arrived as tho we have been waiting only moments… tho it’s been years… it’s unreal how time seems so….. 

Thank you Lord for preparing this day for them! As I go on with *normal*, my little sister is having an adventure of a lifetime! I’ve had my fair share of them… it is her turn! :D

love you!!!!

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