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Today Ben and I have been married for ten years….

Here are ten things you may or may not know about us….

1. We got married young (he was 18, I was 19) 1999

2. Our first *date* was at my mom’s house when my dad was out of town. Ben came over for dinner my mom made and we went to a play with my mom and sisters.  (Poor guy… 4 girls! That was when we knew he was awesome! )

3. We courted for 6 months. 

4. We were engaged for 3 months.

5. Ethan was born the week before our first year Anniversary! 

6. We bought our first house a month before our second anniversary.

7. He asks me why I married him and  I say simply, ” You wooed me” Women want to be treated like princesses! That’s the secret! 

8. I ask him why he married me and he says, I love you! (Hence why he wooed me, hehe)

9. We have 5 children earth-side, almost 6. 2 children in heaven that we know of.

10. We love our lives, and wouldn’t change a thing. We feel very blessed, beyond what we deserve. And we know that this year will bring even more blessings and new beginnings! 

Thank you all who have been a part of our lives in the last ten years, supporting our love and watching us grow and learn to love more and more.


Just a few of my favorites! i love each of these… lol… snap shots from Lydia’s birthday party…. I have so many pictures how can I choose….????

Kyliepeekaboo... D






I decided to use the decorations from my childhood on the living room christmas tree… It was all good til Gena woke up and broke my snow globe! :( Maybe I can superglue it… Will it hold water after it’s glued??

anyway… here is my first tree (of the year! lol  I have four more to decorate! oh MY!) … we’ll add some ornaments … maybe my kids’ *first christmas ornaments….* idk… :) 



sorry it’s been SOOOO long since I posted last! I’ve been waiting for something big to post about…. well not really. I just haven’t had much time! I hope this was just the post you were looking for! :D

So I keep thinking we’ve child proofed our home (but they keep getting in)….. cause there is another on it’s way!!!!! Ok ok… we really haven’t child proofed our home! :)  We love children! hence there is another on it’s way! I bet you are asking, what about the house?! Well it seems very fitting since every other time we’ve done a major house reno I’ve been pregnant! So forward we go! It’ll just be another year and another kid to love! And a bigger house just in time! So are you wondering…. when? Around the end of June 2009! 
Congrats all you grandparents and aunts and uncles! Nieces and Nephews! 

I got my camera out (even tho it has a dead battery that won’t recharge) and took a few pictures. That’s all I can take right now! :( Just a few at a time. Anyway… here is Gena… pose….

then coming to see her adorable pose….


she saw her picture…. and that wasn’t enough so wants to have my camera! she is obsessed with it! she likes to carry it around everywhere! it’s so funny! :D



hehehe…. :D

I wonder if my sister made it to the far off place she traveled too late in the afternoon yesterday! I hope she is settling down in a nice modest place to rest their tired heads. So much closer to the children of their dreams. I pray they rest well and are accepted everywhere they go with open arms. i know God has laid out this path! TODAY!  The days we’ve been waiting for! And they have finally arrived as tho we have been waiting only moments… tho it’s been years… it’s unreal how time seems so….. 

Thank you Lord for preparing this day for them! As I go on with *normal*, my little sister is having an adventure of a lifetime! I’ve had my fair share of them… it is her turn! :D

love you!!!!

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I knew this statement was true. however 80% of the time I am thinking about myself. How to make it thru the next trial. The next DRAMA! lol the next Gena catastophy!


today the kids went slip and sliding… at church they set up a huge plastic sheet with some soap and off they went!

so tonight… lane is COVERED in war wounds … poor kid was crying before bed… called D… use apis was her suggestion! of course perfect sense but when my poor baby is crying so pitifully do you think *I* can think of what to do!? NOPE! lol

poor guy! off to do another dose and pray for all the orphans! :)

I’m alone, well sort of, kids are all tucked into their beds, husband is off with his dad, brother, sister to a late movie, and I’m sitting here thinking… wondering… so many things, more than I  can put into words, or type fast enough. So many things to write… 

On one of my favorite blogs to read she was talking about motherhood and praying that God would illuminate thru her like fireworks! To focus on Him, and to do everything in love. 

I wonder, why does it seem so hard to respond in love? Why is it a choice? Why can it not be an automatic thing? Am I the only one who struggles with this? It is easier now than it ever has been. But I still forget. 

I want to illuminate love to my family.  Desperately! More than anything else in this world. It seems so simple to respond with love. Why not? 

on a lighter note… :) since I’m a woman and this title is wondering, why not here all i’m wondering! :)

so I was thinking about a custom blog. I know I know, money?! house?! maybe someday… so today I’ll dream. What would I want my blog to have? what colors? I struggle with the *right* background. Nothing ever suits me for long. it’s just short the ME factor! so…. for those who wonder about a more personal blog….  there you go! :) have fun shopping.

Ben’s back! : )

Catch you’ll later!