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Category Archives: photography

Just a few of my favorites! i love each of these… lol… snap shots from Lydia’s birthday party…. I have so many pictures how can I choose….????

Kyliepeekaboo... D







I had so much fun this week on the Friday photo project! It was a still life. I happened to be at Amanda’s and I saw this dead rosemary plant and I thought it was PERFECT for a still life!

I love Amanda’s house and someday only hope to have a lovely of a house as her! :) so thanks amanda for letting me capture your home in a way that is so precious to me!

She got fatter checks…. since the last time I saw her… I gasped when I saw her! it’s so funny how much babies change in a couple weeks! I missed them so much. I need to do better about going to visit. Them and P&T…