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Today Ben and I have been married for ten years….

Here are ten things you may or may not know about us….

1. We got married young (he was 18, I was 19) 1999

2. Our first *date* was at my mom’s house when my dad was out of town. Ben came over for dinner my mom made and we went to a play with my mom and sisters.  (Poor guy… 4 girls! That was when we knew he was awesome! )

3. We courted for 6 months. 

4. We were engaged for 3 months.

5. Ethan was born the week before our first year Anniversary! 

6. We bought our first house a month before our second anniversary.

7. He asks me why I married him and  I say simply, ” You wooed me” Women want to be treated like princesses! That’s the secret! 

8. I ask him why he married me and he says, I love you! (Hence why he wooed me, hehe)

9. We have 5 children earth-side, almost 6. 2 children in heaven that we know of.

10. We love our lives, and wouldn’t change a thing. We feel very blessed, beyond what we deserve. And we know that this year will bring even more blessings and new beginnings! 

Thank you all who have been a part of our lives in the last ten years, supporting our love and watching us grow and learn to love more and more.

well at least from a youtube video! that isn’t someone related to me! hehe


by the end of this year I want to laugh more… smile lots and do them both without thinking… :)

that our dream home will be complete without a glitch by the end of the year…

Gena just said APPLE! :D i love it! hehe made my  pretty rotten day… an AWESOME day!

the secret to your kids having school done by 830am!? 





the Wii!!!!

(this mama is hopeful this will last more than a week! ha! )

good news today…. i gave in/up my main living room… to have SOMETHIng instead of NOTHING and God is faithful! 
The plan worked out… dreamt some new ideas… implemented them this morning… new plan in the works by my BIL… and have great hope and expectation again….. whooohooo!!! and found a place for a love seat and a chair… perfect for mama chat while kids play in the everything room… tv/toy/school! lol
i am pleased…. thanks for riding my roller coster!